Communication Skills – Summary

Since the beginning of my university journey, my communication skills have been steadily developed.

Most, if not all of my modules have helped to refine my communication skills. In particular, the Writing for Communication module I took in my first year has been very helpful. In this module I learnt how to write a press release properly, a skill which has been used many times since.

It’s important to know how to communicate effectively to different audiences. This is something I have developed over the past few years. I am able to write in a more informal style as well as in a formal style. It all depends on what audience you are trying to target.

One of the pieces I have submitted is a first person interview I conducted in late 2016. This was part of my Reporting 2 module. It centers around an athlete who was a family friend, who suffered from anorexia. I think it showcases my communication skills well because I have managed to put her story into her own words, but in a way that is still engaging and concise.

I have also included a blog I wrote for the Leeds Beckett Student Union in May 2016. This was for my PR Skills module in my first year of university. This module required me to create a portfolio including work for real clients. The task of finding a client was something entirely new to me, and something I found surprisingly difficult. All in all, I am very glad that I had to do this, because the work I did is now a valuable asset in my portfolio. The blog itself was entitled “Top 10 Tips for Freshers”. It was intended to be a light-hearted article containing some helpful tips for those about to leave home for university.

The final piece I have used to show my communication skills is a review of a concert I attended in November 2016. This, like my first person interview, was part of my Reporting 2 module. The review gave me a chance to write with a bit more flair than usual, as well as providing my own opinions, which I don’t always get to do. I think the review reads particularly well as a snappy piece of writing. It also shows my interest in the music industry, which I hope to head into after graduation.


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