Creative Skills – Summary

Creative skills are perhaps not as valued in the business world as a whole compared to other skills, but in PR and journalism, they are very important.

I consider myself a quite creative person, but I feel the development of a person as a creative person is never quite over. My work is always evolving and I’m excited to see where it goes in the years ahead.

To show my creative skills I have provided an article I wrote for the Tab in April 2016. It should be noted that I chose this article to represent my creative skills rather than my communication skills. This is because the article is written in a highly humorous style, and the ultimate aim of it was to entertain rather than communicate a message.

The article is entitled “Everything you should stop saying to Geordies”. Being from the outskirts of Newcastle, people say the same things to me rather frequently, so I decided to turn this into something humorous.


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