Research Skills – Summary

The ability to research effectively is a very important one, both within academic work and in a professional environment. It is a skill I have found extremely useful to develop while at university.

To show my research skills, I have included a literature review recently submitted for my Internal Communications module in my second year. For this literature review we had to discuss the topic of internal communications, while applying it to one of the available topics. I chose the topic of employee engagement. This review was very challenging for me to write, but I consider it a valuable experience. While I was already able to reference effectively before university thanks to an Extended Project Qualification, I have been able to hone this skill further while at university. It is imperative to reference correctly, especially when submitting assignments to avoid being accused of plagiarism. I have used a wide range of sources in the review, and I think this shows that I am proficient at researching a topic.

I have also included a feature article, written for my Reporting 2 module. This was a 1500 word article focusing on the controversy around the resale of concert tickets. While I have strong opinions on the subject, it is not enough to spout my thoughts. I had to conduct interviews and contact press offices in order to get statements from all sorts of people, on both sides of the issue. I also had to conduct research on the industry, in order to make my article balanced, fair and informed.


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