Everything you should stop saying to Geordies

Below you will find a link to the article I wrote for the Tab in April 2016. I have included a link rather than the direct text so as not to change the formatting, as it works well as it is.

The article itself did rather well, achieving almost 50,000 views.



Creative Skills – Summary

Creative skills are perhaps not as valued in the business world as a whole compared to other skills, but in PR and journalism, they are very important.

I consider myself a quite creative person, but I feel the development of a person as a creative person is never quite over. My work is always evolving and I’m excited to see where it goes in the years ahead.

To show my creative skills I have provided an article I wrote for the Tab in April 2016. It should be noted that I chose this article to represent my creative skills rather than my communication skills. This is because the article is written in a highly humorous style, and the ultimate aim of it was to entertain rather than communicate a message.

The article is entitled “Everything you should stop saying to Geordies”. Being from the outskirts of Newcastle, people say the same things to me rather frequently, so I decided to turn this into something humorous.

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